WWE responds to a column featured in the Darien Times

WWE responds to a column featured in the Darien Times

WWE responds to a column featured in the Darien Times:

May 21, 2012                                                 

Mr. Joshua Fisher


Darien Times

10 Corbin Drive, Floor 3

Darien, CT 06820


Dear Mr. Fisher:

We are writing regarding your column that appeared in the Darien Times on May 17, 2012, where you state that WWE is a product “barely above pornography.”

Although this was an opinion piece, your position as editor of the Darien Times would ethically require you to report the facts accurately and not distort the truth. For future editorials and news stories that may pertain to WWE, we wanted you to be aware of the facts so you clearly understand our programming content and the type of entertainment we provide to our more than 300,000 fans in the state of Connecticut and millions around the world.

All WWE television programming features only TV-PG content as rated not by us, but by the network TV distributors and their standards and practices departments. WWE weekly programming has always appeared on basic cable or broadcast television. As any casual television viewer knows, your description of our programming, based on the Federal Communications Commission rules alone, would not be permitted on broadcast television or basic cable.

WWE is family entertainment. In fact, 40 percent of the millions of fans who attend our live events bring their children. It’s insulting to these parents to think that they would condone their children watching inappropriate content. WWE may not be your personal choice of entertainment, but that does not give you the right to damage our corporate reputation.

On behalf of WWE, its 690 employees and our fans in Connecticut, we would appreciate it if you would stick to factual statements about our organization and brand. For more information on our company, please go to corporate.wwe.com and feel free to reach out to us for the facts in advance of any articles you write relating to WWE.


Brian Flinn

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications


Editorial: McMahon vs. Shays; money vs. victory

Darien Times (Online)

By Joshua Fisher


Connecticut Republicans will gather in Hartford Friday to nominate their candidate for U.S. Senate. And for the first time in a generation, the GOP actually has a shot to win. But instead, many party leaders appear ready to proudly back money (by calling it “business sense”) over experience (by calling it “the old way.”)

Linda McMahon has been gathering up town committee and Connecticut Republican endorsements all over the state. Including endorsements from Darien’s first selectman and RTC chairman. Some are saying the former WWE CEO has the experience to create jobs in Connecticut — something the U.S. Senate has little influence on. And even if you look past McMahon’s history of creating jobs by peddling a product that is barely above pornography, her ideas and platform are weak and her chances of actually winning the general election in November are even weaker.

Chris Shays on the other hand may be a longtime politician. But he’s been the anti-politician who just happened to serve in Congress for two decades. He made a career out of taking unpopular stands, working in bipartisan ways and bucking his own party — which may be why many in the GOP are backing McMahon. Chris Shays is a true Connecticut Yankee. He’s fiscally conservative — and has an actual record to show it.

Two years ago, Connecticut Republicans picked McMahon’s hefty pocketbook over a Republican with a chance to win. This time, they have the chance to nominate a man who not only appeals to independent voters, but a chance to put the state Republican party back in the game. And while no matter who gets the convention’s endorsement this weekend, the loser has vowed to primary this summer, the party has chance to send a message that it actually wants to start winning again instead of whining.

And there’s this: A vote for Linda McMahon is a guarantee that Democrat Chris Murphy will hold Connecticut’s junior U.S. Senate seat as long as he wants it.

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