Heath Slater tells Flo Rida, 'I'm no joke!'

Heath Slater responds to Flo Rida's challenge: WWE.com Exclusive - April 25, 2012

Heath Slater sends his own video message to Flo Rida in this WWE.com exclusive.

Heath Slater has fired back in the escalating war of words between the Superstar and rapper Flo Rida.

Since their backstage encounter at WrestleMania, The One-Man Southern Rock Band and the acclaimed multi-platinum recording artist have been embroiled in a back-and-forth that has lit up the WWE Universe and set Twitter ablaze. When their Twitter war reached a tipping point, Flo Rida released a YouTube video with a powerful message aimed at Slater. ( FULL STORY)

Not to be outdone, Slater's latest silo came in the form of a video message reply to the performer. In the video, the One Man Southern Rock Band literally pulls no punches, and makes his feelings toward the rapper abundantly clear. Slater seems primed and ready for whatever Flo Rida may throw his way, and this video is just the latest missive fired in what is developing into a potentially explosive situation. ( WATCH)

You can watch Flo Rida's video right here, and you can catch up on the war of words on Twitter by following @official_flo and @HeathSlaterOMRB.

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