WWE leaps into the next generation of Web video with Silverlight

WWE leaps into the next generation of Web video with Silverlight

WWE.com has teamed up with Microsoft's Silverlight to provide a more spectacular sports-entertainment viewing experience for our fans.

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An amazingly unique cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device video plug-in, Silverlight enables our fans to witness the next creation of rich, interactive applications on the Web. Its advanced streaming technology offers incomparable, high-resolution interactivity for computers and other devices.

Now is the time to experience Silverlight for yourself: Silverlight Showcase

Discover more about Silverlight: FAQ

X-Stream on Silverlight

Available exclusively on Silverlight, WWE.com offers ECW's X-Stream. Fans can visit the Land of the Extreme at any time, as well as access a vast archive of past ECW episodes. WATCH the X-Stream.

Also available on Silverlight is a variety of rich content you won't find anywhere else, including videos, animations, text, 2-D graphics and visual effects. Prepare to witness sports-entertainment like never before on your very own computer. And keep logging on to WWE.com to discover more exciting action on your computer -- only from Silverlight. Download now

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