Sasha Banks reveals middle school yearbook picture

In the most definitive proof yet that absolutely nobody has ever peaked in middle school, Sasha Banks took to Instagram and posted a doodled-up page of her old yearbook. The result is a glimpse into the life of a pre-Boss Banks that’s as fascinating as it is surprising. Two evident nemeses have been marked with devil horns (one poor guy has been wiped out entirely), and a bespectacled gentleman who’s surely kicking himself right about now is encased in a heart. The Boss herself makes an appearance at the bottom right of the photo, circled for the benefit of you, the curious viewer.

dying at this yearbook I found

A photo posted by Sasha Banks (@sashabankswwe) on

Fascinating and encouraging stuff, indeed. If nothing else can be gleamed from this post, take heart, middle-school kids of America. You too, can one day be as legit as Sasha Banks. Well, maybe not as legit as Sasha Banks, but legit nonetheless.

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