Get fit with Rosa Mendes on Twitter and Tout

Get fit with Rosa Mendes on Twitter and Tout

What’s the best way to attack your workouts? Which protein-rich foods give you energy boosts throughout the day without expanding your waistline? How does one maintain a healthy lifestyle on the go? If you’ve been following Rosa Mendes on Twitter and Tout, you might already know the answers to such questions. Earlier this month, the lovely Latina made it her goal to get in the best shape of her life, and is empowering WWE fans on social media to do the same.

“Ever since I started eating better and hitting the gym more, I noticed amazing results, and my overall mood has improved dramatically,” the staunch fitness advocate told of her renewed focus on strength-building and overall well-being. “Every time I’m in the gym, I feel happier.”

Eager to share that happiness with the WWE Universe, Rosa has dedicated herself to sharing health-conscious recipes and diet tips on Tout. Followers can join Rosa right in her kitchen, where she demonstrates how to craft delicious egg white omelets and what the beauty calls “the best protein shake you’ve ever had in your life.”’

“I’m making 2013 my year to work on my body and start building muscle,” Rosa said, emphasizing that after spending most of 2012 at ringside steering the careers of Primo & Epico, she’s ready to once again set her sights on the Divas Championship. “I want to get back in that ring, I want to stand toe-to-toe with Divas like Kaitlyn and Natalya, and I want to win.”

Rosa has dubbed her fitness quest “#Musclemania,” and aims to chisel her already-breathtaking physique to perfection by WrestleMania 29 on April 7. Emphasizing the importance of goal-setting, she’s hoping WWE fans join her in her muscle-building journey along The Road to WrestleMania. The dedicated Diva plans to show off an entirely transformed Rosa Mendes in less than three months. We can’t wait to see the results.

To get the latest diet and fitness tips from Rosa Mendes and to join in on the gorgeous Latina’s health-minded mission, follow @LaRosaMendes on  Twitter and Tout.

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