WWE.com exclusive interview : Rey Mysterio talks about his injury at the hands of Del Rio

WWE.com exclusive interview : Rey Mysterio talks about his injury at the hands of Del Rio

It's not that former World Champion Rey Mysterio hasn't had injuries before. There have been times in the veteran's career when he felt as if he was at the top of the mountain - or close to it - to have his opportunity seem like a fleeting moment. Last Monday on Raw, as Rey tried to capture back the coveted WWE Championship in his hometown of San Diego, one perfectly manicured thorn in his side took it all away, and sent him straight to surgery (STORY). Mysterio talked with WWE.com moments after his Twitter announcement.

WWE.com: How much has Alberto Del Rio impacted your career recently?

Rey Mysterio: At this point and time, he's affected my lifestyle, my career, even my personal life. Forcing someone out of the ring because of an injury is completely unacceptable. I understand there is a risk factor in being a WWE Superstar, but I would never lower myself to the level of trying to intentionally injure someone.


WWE.com: Del Rio was proud of what he did, and he said he loved it so much that he would do it again, and do it for free. Any comment on that?

Mysterio: He may have spoken too freely because he was feeling unstoppable and unbeatable. He had just become WWE Champion the night before at SummerSlam and he beat me in my hometown. Then he took advantage of the moment and injured me again. It's hard to really understand him because he's a man of wealth, but he has no integrity.  I have to take care of this injury ahead of me and get back into the ring as fast as possible, so I can take care of business as I always have.

WWE.com: Looking down the road, if Alberto Del Rio is still WWE Champion when you get back in the ring, will the match be more about becoming WWE Champion, or will it be about retaliation?

Mysterio: I always try to push retaliation to the side. I try and focus on what’s important to me, to my fans, my family … and that’s the WWE Championship. So first, it's taking that title away from Del Rio if he still has it. Second, it's whatever comes into my heart and mind at that time, which I feel would be taking out all of my anger and frustration on him.

embedcolon25030636WWE.com: Alberto claims now, with you out of the picture, he is the new "Latin hero" for the WWE Universe. Any reaction to that?

Mysterio: He can try and be a hero. I don't think in any way or form throughout my years that I've ever said that I'm a hero. You don't call yourself a hero. The WWE Universe really determines who you are and until the fans say Del Rio is a hero, it means nothing. He can call himself a hero, champion, presidente, jefe and patron. Unless the fans start calling him a hero, he’s not.

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