WrestleMania Reading Challenge: Kofi Kingston Q&A

WrestleMania Reading Challenge: Kofi Kingston Q&A

The WrestleMania Reading Challenge will begin this Saturday. It takes place in the United States and Canada from Oct. 16-25, with a new, one-week format. The initiative is being held in coordination with Teen Read Week, Oct.17-23. (More information | Official rules | Participating libraries)

WrestleMania Reading Challenge spokesperson Kofi Kingston answered WWE.com's Q&A about reading in honor of the upcoming event.

What was your favorite book growing up?
Dr. Death by Jonathan Kellerman.

How has reading helped you in your career as a WWE Superstar?
Reading helps me exercise my brain. We exercise our muscles, why not our brains? Reading helps me stay creative and helps me find ways to stay interesting to the WWE Universe.

Which literary character would you most want to be?
Huckleberry Finn from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

Who introduced you to books and reading and did you have any reading idols, such as a grandmother or a teacher?
My parents were librarians, so I'm sure that had something to do with my love of reading.

What do you like most about reading?
Reading takes me on a great ride. When you are reading a good book, it puts you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Where is your favorite place to read?
In bed before going to sleep.

What are your favorite reads of all time?
Once I started to enjoy reading, I particularly got interested in murder mysteries, graphic novels and comics. My three favorite reads are the comic book series Civil War and Y: The Last Man, and the novel Dr. Death by Jonathan Kellerman.

What would you say to someone who doesn't like reading to encourage them to give it a go?
To enjoy reading, it's all about finding something that interests you. There are all types of books on all kinds of subjects. Find something that you enjoy, and there is going to be a good book about it. And it's important to read. You have to exercise your brain in order to keep it on its toes. Reading helps you become the best that you can be.

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