The Miz, AJ Lee and Alicia Fox visit Riley Hospital for Children

The Miz, AJ Lee and Alicia Fox visit Riley Hospital for Children

The Miz, AJ Lee & Alicia Fox visit Riley's Hospital for Children in Indianapolis: November 16, 2012

The Miz, AJ Lee & Alicia Fox visit Riley's Hospital for Children to spread some holiday cheer.

On Friday, WWE Superstar The Miz joined Divas AJ Lee and Alicia Fox for a visit to the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. Along with the lovely Divas, The Awesome One went room-to-room to spread some holiday cheer and to say hello to excited members of the WWE Universe. ( PHOTOS

"It's Christmas come early for me," Miz said of the event when he first caught glimpse of the dispensary that he, AJ and Alicia would use to distribute gifts from child to child: a wagon literally filled to the brim with Mattel WWE action figures. And indeed, the trifecta seized the Christmas spirit in a big way, with Miz channeling Kris Kringle himself by hauling the wagon to and fro, gifting the goodies among the hospital's young patients alongside Alicia and AJ.

Handing out the action figures as they went along, Miz, AJ and Alicia signed autographs and chatted with fans in an effort to lift spirits and get the kids in the mood for the upcoming holidays. First up was a visit to the hospital's eighth floor, where the trio popped in on unsuspecting patients, room to room, to give the kids a true Christmas surprise and some good old conversation. The Superstars made sure to get face time with every child they met, chatting it up (favorite subject: "Gym!" Favorite Superstar: "There's only one answer!" OK, that last one was Miz answering his own question.). The Superstars let them pick their own action figure from the pile and signed autographs for the young fans. 

The visit yielded some truly memorable moments for the trio, with children literally coming to their room doors to meet the Superstars. One patient, a girl named Summer, showed Miz, AJ and Alicia several sculptures she made, including one of a cat named Gizmo that left the Superstars visibly impressed. April, who aspires to be a veterinarian, argued with Miz and AJ over whose dog was cutest. Thirteen-year-old Kate listed her favorite Superstars to The Awesome One as John Cena, Kane and Miz himself. Another boy, Bryant, already had three Miz action figures at home (AJ: "That's three too many") and chose Michael McGillicutty as his prize, but channeled his inner awesomeness and belted out Miz's catchphrase for the benefit of his idol.

He got a ringing endorsement as a result. "He does it better than I do," Miz said.

AJ bonded with the kids over a different subject: Mutual love of video games. Kate declared herself a Super Mario fan (AJ: "good call"), and the two talked at length about "WWE '13," which Kate just got. The former Raw General Manager also talked with the kids about cartoons, anime and comic books, earning plenty of smiles along the way.

Afterward, everyone headed over to the Atrium for a fall party where the trio signed autographs for the eager kids and chatted them up some more.               

Miz was undoubtedly the ringleader of the group throughout the day. While some fans seemed hesitant to bend to Miz's charms (one boy plucked a Heath Slater action figure from the pile, earning a hearty "Really?!?!"), The Awesome One did win over at least one new fan. Michael, a 16-year-old high school junior hoping to attend Notre Dame, had been a steadfast supporter of Triple H until defecting to the Mizfits upon The Awesome One's visit. And while "The Miz is the greatest of all time and he brings presents!" was sufficient enough to sway the young man from the promise of a Triple H action figure in favor of a Miz one, it didn't stop him from going toe-to-toe with the former WWE Champion on the subject of football ... and winning the argument.

To say Miz met his match may be an understatement. Michael (christened "Mini-Miz" by Alicia) humbled The Awesome One on gridiron stats and, as the cherry on top, lorded the Indianapolis Colts' (Michael's team) victory over Miz's beloved Cleveland Browns earlier this year.

"I'm glad you're enjoying watching me get schooled by a high school junior," Miz said to AJ and Alicia, who couldn't stop laughing. "You know what you're doing," he conceded to Michael. "This kid knows football."

"I've never seen anyone make Miz speechless before," AJ said. "This is the best day ever."

There you have it, WWE Universe: A genuine Christmas miracle.

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