Teachers' Corner: Valentines for our Troops

Teachers' Corner: Valentines for our Troops

Our troops put their lives on the line each and every day to protect our way of life in the United States. They are far from home, in foreign countries, with little to do other than their work. Probably the most difficult thing is being away from friends and family for long periods of time while they serve our country.

WWE's Letters to the Troops program is designed to make life away from home a little less difficult for our troops. We encourage teachers to work with their students to send letters to the troops around a holiday to show people back home have our troops in their thoughts and prayers. 

The first holiday we are asking teachers to work with students on is sending Valentines to our troops for Valentine's Day. Another great program is run by our friends at A Million Thanks based in California. Visit valentinesfortroops.com

Find out if students in your school know a family that is in the military. Get a military person's name, address, and what their interests are from their family, and send Valentines to that person and his or her military unit serving overseas. If you do not know anyone in the military from your community, you might want to check out anysoldier.com.

If you are not sure of what to write in your letters, you can get some tips at valentinesfortroops.com/ValExamples.asp. Also for guidelines on sending Valentines to the troops, visit valentinesfortroops.com/ValSendingGuidlines.asp.

You also may want to attach a form so that the troops who receive your letters know how to write back to your students.  Hearing directly from our troops is a great part of the program. If you need an example of a form, please feel free to send your request by sending an e-mail to gary.davis@wwecorp.com.

Please send WWE .pdfs of your favorite Valentines and we will try to post some of them on WWE.com for the WWE Universe to enjoy. Send your .pdfs to gary.davis@wwecorp.com.

Thanks for helping to bolster the morale of our troops!

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