Teachers' Corner: Teacher uses WWE Kids Magazine to help new students feel welcome

Teachers' Corner: Teacher uses WWE Kids Magazine to help new students feel welcome

WWE Kids Magazine has some great content inspiring kids in several ways. Here's how Donna Stinson, a fourth-grade teacher, puts WWE Kids magazine to good use in her classroom, as relayed to us in a recent e-mail:

"As a fourth grade teacher, I just wanted to let you know how much WWE helps me to reach out to students who would otherwise be difficult for me to reach. Many of my students watch WWE, wear T-shirts with Superstars on them and collect action figures, etc. I have a subscription to WWE Kids Magazine for my classroom and these magazines are, by far, the most popular reading material in my classroom library. I watch Raw, ECW and SmackDown and enjoy the entertainment. The fact that I know the names of all the Superstars and can discuss WWE with my students allows us have something in common besides regular school topics. 

"Just today a new student joined my class. He was crying and afraid because he had just been taken away from his parents and was coming to a new school where he didn't know anyone. He was wearing a T-shirt with Randy Orton, CM Punk and Kofi Kingston on it. I excitedly told him I was so glad he was into WWE and that I wasn't very happy about seeing Randy Orton, but that Kofi Kingston was my favorite! Then I brought him into my classroom and showed him our poster of Rey Mysterio and my action figure of Hulk Hogan. Some of the other boys in my class showed him some of our WWE magazines, which started some new friendships. By this time he was smiling and happily sat down at his new desk. This is just one example of how WWE has helped me to connect with hard-to-reach students. I just wanted you to know this and I wanted to thank WWE for your help in this area."

Do you have a teaching success story to share with fellow teachers? Please tell us how you use WWE in the classroom by sending an e-mail to gary.davis@wwecorp.com.

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