Teachers' Corner: WWE helps eighth graders in the classroom

Teachers' Corner: WWE helps eighth graders in the classroom

The latest Teachers' Corner letters are from a Louisiana teacher and a North Carolina mother, both using WWE to help eighth graders in the classroom.

Hello. My name is Ryan Romano, and I teach science and Latin at De La Salle High School in New Orleans, La. I love WWE and refer to it quite often in my classes. Many students in my eighth grade homeroom enjoy how I post the results of pay-per-views in the front of my room. They love to stay updated on what's going on, and it makes for a wonderful icebreaker. I also play games with my students that pertain to the subject material, but I award as prices for getting correct answers paper cut outs of WWE titles. (They love the Divas title the most because of how fancy and colorful it is.) Also, almost every morning before school there are always these three particular students who come to my classroom to discuss what is happening in professional wrestling; WWE has really allowed for these students, who I don't even teach in the classroom, to stay in touch with me in a positive way. 

Well, keep up the good work, and thanks for your time.

Ryan Romano '04
Science & Foreign Language
De La Salle High School
New Orleans, La.


I'm not a teacher, but wanted to tell you how WWE and wrestling has helped my special needs son, Terry, in the classroom. My son is 14 and in the eighth grade. Mentally he is only 5. He cannot write or hold a pencil very well and has trouble learning. He has always associated everything with colors and wrestlers so anything black is Undertaker, who is his favorite, and red would be Kane. He had to draw a snowman last year and couldn't do it so I told the teacher to have him draw an urn, like the one used by Paul Bearer, then erase the lines. He did and she was so amazed that it looked like a snowman. So now when he has to draw shapes, she uses wrestling characters and the rings to help him and he has so much fun. When it's time for history, she finds dates of when something major happened in wrestling since he is a walking historian for wrestling (knows things that happened before he was born and has the memory to tell you anything) to help him remember what she is teaching.

Hickory, N.C.

Do you have a teaching success story to share with fellow teachers? Please tell us how you use WWE in the classroom by sending an e-mail to gary.davis@wwecorp.com.

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