Teachers' Corner: Teacher uses WWE rewards in class

Teachers' Corner: Teacher uses WWE rewards in class

WWE recently received a letter from Terry Saskin, a teacher at Carnell Elementary in Bensalem, Pa., who uses WWE T-shirts as rewards for good grades in the classroom:     

I must say, after 14 years of having the pleasure of dealing with WWE, I have never been more of a WWE fan. All my students do is talk about it, and we generally trade DVDs with each other. I must say, having WWE T-shirts makes me a god in the school. All the students know my name and know that the only way to get a shirt is to get an "A" on a math test. Last year alone, on the state test (keep in mind my class has many Special Ed children in it), we outscored the region. Seventy-four percent of my kids tested at advanced or proficient; no one came anywhere close. I rewarded each one of them with a WWE shirt -- they earned it. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to integrate education and WWE; it's an amazing duo! Thank you again for everything that you do, my children and I truly appreciate it. You cannot imagine how WWE has made my students better.

Sincerely yours,
Terry Saskin
Carnell Elementary
Bensalem, Pa.

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