Teachers' Corner: London teacher uses WWE books to spark interest in reading

Teachers' Corner: London teacher uses WWE books to spark interest in reading

WWE Teachers' Corner recently received a letter from a teacher in England who utilizes WWE books in the classroom:

I wanted to share some of my experiences with you as a teacher in East London, England. I'm returning to teaching after five years away for health and family issues and yet my experiences of teaching in East London remain the same to one extent. I have taught in various schools in Newham and am doing my returning practice at one again. Newham is an area where poverty has hit really hard (as someone from East London, I relate to their issues) and yet I've always found that students respond well to my use of WWE Superstars in English classes. I use WWE autobiographies when introducing that aspect of writing which kids love. The most popular one has been Edge's autobiography. I usually leave WWE books on the shelf in my classroom as a way of encouraging kids to read during quiet reading sessions and have even introduced the graphic novels/comic series for the students who need something more visual.

As a secondary school English teacher (ages 11-16) it's really helpful to have such resources. I've recently discovered the DK Reader books on WWE Superstars which have different reading levels. This is an excellent resource for the kids who have English as a second language (usually around 80 percent of classes that I've worked in).

I'd love it if the WWE would have more of an education section on their site.

Yours faithfully,
Mary-Grace Hawkins

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