Teachers' Corner: WWE in global classrooms

Teachers' Corner: WWE in global classrooms

WWE.com's Teachers' Corner is a place for educators to share their stories about how they use WWE as a tool in their classrooms. Stay tuned to Teachers' Corner for more stories about how WWE has helped students succeed. Are you an educator with a story you want to share with WWE.com's Teachers' Corner? E-mail us.

Teachers’ Corner receives letters from around the globe. Read how two English teachers in Africa use WWE in their classrooms:


I am a Peace Corps Youth Development Volunteer currently serving in Morocco. I am working at a Sports and Youth Center teaching English. I have been in my community for almost three months now and I am still in the process of developing the English Language program at my center. The majority of my students are boys between the ages of 8 and 10 and I have been having a little trouble getting them to focus and participate in class. I think I have been having such difficulty because I haven't been able to find a topic that excites them and that they are comfortable talking about. That was until I discovered how much they all love WWE. Most of my students are too shy or embarrassed to talk to me in English even though I know they can, unless I ask them about the WWE and they can tell me all about John Cena, Undertaker and all the other WWE Superstars.  

So I decided to plan a lesson where each student drew a picture of their favorite WWE Superstar and then told the class about them. They really enjoyed the activity and I was amazed at how engaged and excited they were to use their English to tell me all about their favorite WWE Superstar. There was one student who I have never heard speak English, and who I assumed came to class because his older brother did, but he was able to tell me all about his favorite WWE Superstar (John Cena) and I was truly amazed!  

As with speaking any new language, half the battle of learning it is having the confidence to speak it, and this lesson was a great opportunity for my students to do just that. WWE Teachers' Corner was the inspiration for my lesson and I plan to incorporate the WWE in more of my lessons to help build speaking confidence.  

Thank you!

All the Best,

Lucia Cucinotta
Peace Corps Volunteer


Hi, I'm Heba. I'm from Egypt and I teach English for second grade. We had a writing lesson which was about who do they want to be like when they grow up. Because I'm a huge WWE fan and I know the boys are fans of many superstars especially John Cena, I gave them John Cena as an example. They wrote beautiful passages about Cena, Rey Mysterio and others. It was an amazing lesson!  

Heba Megahed, Egypt

Are you an educator with a story you want to share with WWE.com's Teachers' Corner? E-mail us.

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