Smackdown Your Vote! issues ‘The 2010 18-30 VIP'

Smackdown Your Vote! issues ‘The 2010 18-30 VIP'

WWE and its Smackdown Your Vote! partners have issued a 2010 version of its popular national voter issues paper for 18-to 30-year-olds, The 18-30 VIP. Among the organizations participating in the VIP are the League of Women Voters, CIRCLE, Harvard Institute of Politics,, New Voters Project, Rock the Vote, Sacred Heart University, and the University of Virginia Center for Politics Youth Leadership Initiative

Starting with the 2004 election year, The 18-30 VIP was designed as a tool to improve the dialogue among voters ages 18 to 30, candidates for elected office and their political parties. It succeeded in helping to motivate young voters. After declining nearly continuously for three decades, young voters' turnout increased in the past three major elections. According to the well-known research organization CIRCLE, 4.3 million more voters younger than 30 cast ballots in 2004 than had in 2000. 18-to 29-year-olds also made up a larger share of voters (17 percent) than voters older than 65 (16 percent) in 2004, according to CNN exit polling. Youth turnout increased in 2006, by 1.9 million over 2002 levels. And in 2008, voters ages 18 to 29 were the only age group to show a statistically significant increase in turnout, reaching 51 percent in 2008, compared with 47 percent in 2004, and playing a significant role in the outcome of the election.

If you are a young adult, help continue the momentum in 2010. Register and vote in the 2010 election. Use The 18-30 VIP as a helpful guide to get the answers you need from the candidates running in your area to determine who deserves your vote on Election Day in November. Download The 18-30 VIP now.

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