Smackdown Your Vote!: Election Day is Nov. 3

Smackdown Your Vote!: Election Day is Nov. 3

WWE and the National Association of Secretaries of State remind you to cast your vote on Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 3. State elections are being held in New Jersey and Virginia. Local elections are taking a place across the United States. Your vote in state and local elections is as important as voting in national elections. The local officials you elect this year will make decisions that will impact daily life in your community. Local officials make decisions on municipal services and the education of children in your community. 

Sometimes people feel too intimidated to get involved in the political process because certain people in the community dominate what is discussed at local meetings. Voting is the one place where everyone has an equal say. 

Check out the Secretaries of State who have joined with The Miz and Jimmy Hart to remind voters that you don't need to be a big mouth to be heard, just vote! (PHOTOS)

Click here to get information from your state on voting on Election Day.

Download the free wallpaper to remind you to get out and vote on Election Day!  Send it to your friends to remind them as well. (WALLPAPERS)

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