Weather stops JBL on 'Mount Death'

Weather stops JBL on 'Mount Death'

March 11, 2013, update

JBL reached 20,000 feet on Mt. Death before being turned back by weather. ( WATCH ON TOUT) In addition to Touting and tweeting updates from the mountain, JBL posted a video to his YouTube account, discussing the climb and return to base camp. ( WATCH)

@JCLayfield: Didn't make summit, got caught up in storms that took two lives. Got turned around by weather at 20,000 feet. Try again next year!!

March 4, 2013, update

JBL has climbed to 16,200 feet on Mt. Death. He and his crew will leave for the first camp on Tuesday, climbing six to eight hours per day. They will push toward the summit next week and he tweeted that the conditions will be extremely harsh.

@JCLayfield:Actual temp at summit day will be -20 at least, wind chill will be -60 to -80.

Feb. 27, 2013, update

JBL has started climbing Mt. Death!

JBL tweeted: @JCLayfield: At 8,900 feet. 3-4 hour climb tomorrow to over 11,200 and then 18 mile climb to 14,300 base camp Thursday.

JBL also touted from 9,000 feet where he's three days from basecamp and 10 days from the summit. Visit

Feb. 25, 2013, update

JBL is in Mendoza, Argentina, getting ready to begin his Aconcagua climb. He had his final gear check today and plans to start climbing the mountain Tuesday!

JBL tweeted: ‏ @JCLayfield: Summit has averaged -25 to -60 over the last month with no successful summits. That's about to change!!! #sevensummitsforkids

Feb. 11, 2013, update

JBL continues his Seven Summits for Kids climbs. Since completing his second climb — Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro in September — when he hasn't been at the WWE announce table, JBL has been training for South America's Mount Aconcagua, aka "Mount Death."

JBL will leave for Argentina in 12 days and is scheduled to begin climbing on Feb. 26. JBL said Aconcagua has an estimated 30 percent success rate. He's training very seriously for the 22,841-foot climb of Aconcagua. It's the highest mountain in the Americas, and is part of the Andes mountain range in Argentina.

Check out's complete coverage of JBL's Seven Summits for Kids. For more information, visit JBL's Twitter at, his Facebook at or To learn more about Bermuda's Family Centre, visit Also visit JBL's

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