Update: AmeriCares contributes to Chile relief efforts

Update: AmeriCares contributes to Chile relief efforts

On Feb. 27, an 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Maule, Chile, near Concepcion, the country's second most populous city with 675,000 residents. A day later, a 6.1-magnitude aftershock, one of more than 100 that have followed the original quake, sent residents scrambling again for cover. 

The most serious problems have occurred in southern Chile, where 23 hospitals have been destroyed, evacuated due to damage or are operating with limited capacity. The situation in Chile is critical and the Chilean government has now made an appeal for international assistance.

AmeriCares' rapid response was deployed on March 3. The team went to the hardest hit areas to conduct on-site assessments with local relief officials. AmeriCares has relief supplies ready for immediate deployment; AmeriCares' initial shipment valued at more than $400,000 is scheduled to ship to Chile in the next few days and additional stocks are available. AmeriCares has been working with Chile since 1989 and since that date has delivered over $16.9 million in medical and humanitarian assistance. 

AmeriCares has set up a mobile phone number for donations to in their relief efforts. WWE.com encourages the WWE Universe to find a way they can help the people of Chile.

Members of the WWE Universe can help by making a donation to AmeriCares online at www.americares.org or by texting the word "LIVE" to 25383 to donate $10.

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