Dreams come true with Daniel Bryan

Dreams come true with Daniel Bryan

PITTSBURGH — WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan made one young WWE fan’s dream come true last week when he met Internet sensation Connor before SuperSmackDown LIVE at the CONSOL Energy Center. ( PHOTOS)

The 7-year-old put out a plea on YouTube in October, hoping he’d get the chance to meet his favorite WWE Superstar. ( WATCH) The video went viral, a WWE fan sent Bryan the video via his Twitter  @WWEDanielBryan and the rest is history.

“It was just a very humbling experience, more than anything else, that somebody wants to meet me that much,” Bryan told WWE.com. “The community support surrounding the whole thing, the YouTube video — radio stations got involved, everything — it was a community effort to get this whole thing to happen.” ( CONNOR’S FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN)

It’s the first time Bryan has been specifically requested for a meet-and-greet by a WWE Circle of Champions honoree.

“He’s just the sweetest kid you can imagine. He was so excited,” Bryan said.

Along with his family, Connor brought his replica WWE Tag Team Title to the meet-and-greet where he also met Kane.

“He had his own Tag Team Championships. Him and his brother held my title,” Bryan said. “He likes to be called ‘The Stone Crusher.’ His name is ‘The Stone Crusher’ and his little brother is ‘Jack the Ripper.’ They’re a little tag team.”

The exuberant Connor even put Bryan in the “No!” Lock, “forcing” the WWE Tag Team Champion to tap out.

“He hates the ‘Yes!’ chant. He loves the ‘No!’ chant. We did some ‘Nos!’ together. When they asked him, ‘Why do you like the ‘No!’?’ He said because he’s sick of people saying ‘Yes!’ ”

The meet-and-greet was covered by local media in Pittsburgh, and Connor brought along his own microphone to interview his favorite WWE Superstar. ( MORE)

“He was a natural in front of the camera. We did some video stuff,” Bryan said. “Gosh, what an amazing kid!”

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