Circle of Champions: Cody Rhodes grants his first Wish

Circle of Champions: Cody Rhodes grants his first Wish

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Cody Rhodes hit a WWE milestone this week, granting his first individual wish to WWE Circle of Champions honoree, Zachary. ( PHOTOS)

“For a first time, it will probably go down as the best time,” Rhodes told about meeting the 11-year-old from Make-A-Wish.

“It was like talking to an old friend,” the Superstar said, explaining that he was most excited that he was able to spend plenty of quality moments with Zachary before SmackDown in Memphis, Tenn.

“WWE allotted me a good amount of time to go and sit down with Zachary and ask him how his day was, which Superstars he wanted to see, and to give him one of my shirts,” Rhodes said. “To have that much of an intimate connection with a fan is a priceless, priceless experience.”

Zachary and his family traveled from Mississippi to meet Rhodes, which was undoubtedly a special moment that won’t be forgotten by the Superstar.

“I can’t wait for wish No. 2.”

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