Phoenix elementary schoolers rally around be a STAR

WWE spreads the be a STAR anti-bullying message to Phoenix students

Superstars and Divas host a be a STAR rally in Phoenix during Royal Rumble weekend.

PHOENIX — WWE Superstars and Divas spread the be a STAR anti-bullying message to more than 150 students at Herrera Elementary School Thursday. ( PHOTOS)

Ted DiBiase, Brodus Clay, Cameron, Naomi and Josh Mathews led the rally, which took place just days before WWE’s Royal Rumble hits Phoenix’s US Airways Center. After a welcome by Herrera Elementary School counselor Julia Hubbard, the seventh- and eighth-graders listened to the Superstars’ and Divas’ personal messages about how they’ve been affected by bullying.

They explained the different forms of bullying, such as cyber, physical and verbal, and encouraged the students to be a STAR by not being bystanders and standing up to bullies and telling a parent, teacher or guardian when they’re having issues with bullies. They also spoke about using the Internet and social media as a way to send positive, respectful messages.

Finally, the Superstars and Divas led the Herrera Elementary School students in a rousing rendition of the “be a STAR chant.”

One out of every four children is bullied, and a child is bullied every seven minutes, whether it’s cyber, physical or verbal. Through WWE and The Creative Coalition’s campaign, children around the globe are encouraged to “be a STAR: Show Tolerance And Respect.”

For more than a year and a half, WWE Superstars and Divas have visited more than 40 schools to spread the be a STAR message, affecting 20,000-plus children! This is in addition to the 25,000 people who have taken the be a STAR pledge online at

Be a STAR is made up of more than 50 alliance partners including Scholastic Inc., YMCA of America, Girl Scouts of America, GLAAD, RAINN and STOMP Out Bullying. For more information, visit, the be a STAR Facebook page and on Twitter @beastaralliance. Also, log on to to take the official be a STAR pledge and to download a free be a STAR teacher’s aide and be a STAR toolkit to start your own local chapter.

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