WWE encourages the WWE Universe to visit MyDebates.org

WWE encourages the WWE Universe to visit MyDebates.org

LOS ANGELES & WASHINGTON D.C.— MySpace, the world's premier social network, and the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) announced the launch of its toolset for MyDebates.org, a new Web site that will house interactive tools for viewers to virally engage in the political process, including a personalized issue scorecard, polling, reportable national statistics, live Web streaming and much more. MyDebates.org is part of a landmark partnership between MySpace and the CPD for the upcoming presidential and vice presidential debate series. The partnership, conceived of by media agency BBH NY, marks the first time that the CPD has paired with an Internet property to include online functionality into the event series and traditional debate format.

WWE and Smackdown Your Vote! encourage the WWE Universe to check out MyDebates.org to see how your values line up with the presidential candidates' values and submit a question that may be presented to the candidates during the presidential debate on Oct. 7. 

When visiting MyDebates.org, users will be prompted to take an "Issues Quiz" that will assess their stance on 14 issues, including the economy, national security, the environment, same-sex marriage, education and healthcare. Once they've taken the quiz, users can see how their values line up with the candidates and view a state-by-state breakdown of how other Americans feel on the issues. Users will also have the option of downloading a personalized application which can be embedded anywhere on the Web, for example, on a blog, social networking site like MySpace or another Web site. The application will provide a summary of the user's stance on the issues, on-demand playback functionality and issue-based tracking, allowing users to track a candidate's stance on issues they care about throughout the debate series.

The general election debates, a series that includes three separate presidential debates and one debate featuring the candidates running for vice president, will kick off on Sept. 26 with a broadcast on all the major national television networks. Each historic television event captures more than 60 million worldwide viewers and will now include an entirely new audience online able to watch each debate via live Web stream.

"We're thrilled to unveil the exciting toolset available now on MyDebates.org -- users will be able to select the issues that matter most to them and see how they match up with the candidates as well as with other users across the country," said Lee Brenner, Director of IMPACT and Executive Producer of Political Programming at MySpace.

"MyDebates.org will enable Americans to make the most of information presented during the debates, and personalize their experience and engage with the candidates and other voters in a groundbreaking manner."

Additionally, MyDebates.org will feature high-quality video streaming and as the candidates are speaking, "issue icons" will light up as candidates discuss specific main topics. Users will be polled periodically throughout the debates with short questions, the results of which will be available for viewing following each debate. This format will reduce distraction while eliciting specific and valuable feedback. Media organizations are encouraged to use MyDebates.org polling data in their coverage of the debates.

Immediately following each debate, MyDebates.org will house videos of the debates in their entirety, available for viewing at any time. Videos will be "bookmarked" to allow users to easily jump to their important issues, and will be searchable and tagged by event, candidate, issues, and questions asked of the candidates. Users can also "share," "comment" and "rate" links in the Video Clip Player. MySpaceTV will host the debate clips which will be accessible to anyone on the Internet.

MyDebates.org also includes a feature which will allow users to submit a question that may be presented to the candidates during the second presidential debate, a Town Hall format, moderated by Tom Brokaw on Oct. 7. The first presidential debate will take place on Sept. 26 and will be followed by a vice presidential debate on Oct. 2. The third, and final, presidential debate will take place on Oct. 15.

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