Students weigh in on campaign issues

Students weigh in on campaign issues

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- As Americans prepare to cast their votes for the next president of the United States, Cable in the Classroom and WWE's Smackdown Your Vote! have released new video of college student interviews featuring student opinions on some of the most critical issues in this year's election. The 10 videos are a complementary component of the eLECTIONS 2008: Your Adventure in Politics broadband game at and are also on the WWE Smackdown Your Vote! site:

The short videos are available online in time for teachers to use in classrooms during the remaining weeks of the presidential election season. Many teachers have already been using the eLECTIONS 2008 game, a 3-D, high-speed broadband adventure that uses interactive tools to allow kids and adults to experience a self-directed run for the U.S. Presidency, in the classroom. These new videos provide teachers the chance to incorporate a wide range of student input and opinions into their campaign lessons.

In these new videos, WWE Superstars and Divas open each segment to set up the various issues. Filmed at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn., the interviews feature both Democratic and Republican college students articulating their views on 10 key issues, drawn from the eLECTIONS 2008 game: healthcare, education, environment, defense, economy, affirmative action, immigration, taxes, campaign finance reform and national security.

Gary Rose, Ph.D., Chairman of the Department of Government and Politics at Sacred Heart University said, "These videos bring to life how young people are a critical factor in this election. Their knowledge and ability to speak to a broad range of issues during a period of economic uncertainty demonstrate to voters of all ages how the next generation is aware of the challenges facing our country and of the nuances of our public policy and political system." 

Frank Gallagher, Director of Education & Media Literacy at Cable in the Classroom added, "The videos will encourage students and teachers around the country to engage in lively and frank discussions of current events. The eLECTIONS game and these new Smackdown Your Vote! videos will get students' attention and help educate them about the issues, about the political process and the power of one vote."

Geof Rochester, WWE's Executive Vice President, Marketing, said working with Cable in the Classroom was a natural extension of its efforts to encourage more young people to vote. 

"These videos are a snapshot of how young adults are viewing the critical issues in this election and how they may vote in November," Rochester said. "They also start the process of demonstrating to the next generation of young voters that they can make a difference in their country and their community by becoming engaged in their democracy and casting their vote on Election Day. It all starts by realizing that your opinions on the issues do count."
In addition to these new videos, eLECTIONS 2008 includes content in the game from three cable network partners, CNN Student News, History and C-SPAN that help bring lesson plans and campaign history to life in the classroom.

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