'Sonic Unleashed' leaves gamers high on the 'hog

'Sonic Unleashed' leaves gamers high on the 'hog

Once again, mortal enemies Dr. Eggman and Sonic the Hedgehog battle with a chaotic world hanging in the balance.

With a whole new game engine developed by legendary studio, Sonic Team, Sonic Unleashed for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii merges classic Sonic-style gameplay with the latest next-generation innovation.

On a quest for domination once more, Dr. Eggman unleashes a slumbering beast from the center of the world. The event causes a devastating tremor that splinters the world into seven continents and triggers a hair-raising transformation in Sonic.

As in previous Sonic games, the gas pedal is pressed to the floor as players race through meticulously rendered 3D environments at blistering speeds with new controls that can swerve and stop Sonic on a dime.

With the world divided and Sonic altered with new abilities and powers when the sun sets, the stage is set for a climactic battle. For when the sun sets, a whole new adventure awakens!

Sonic Unleashed is now available. Take a spin to your local video-game retailer and grab your copy today.

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