A grand slam

A grand slam

Everything is big in WWE - the Superstars, the action and the entertainment. And when it comes to baseball video games, there's nothing bigger than The Bigs 2, from 2K Sports.

Following on the heels of its predecessor's success, The Bigs 2 combines awesome graphics, jaw-dropping content and new and improved features that will have every baseball enthusiast applauding. (View Screen shots)

"This isn't your grandfather's baseball game," said Chris Snyder, Vice President of Marketing for 2K Sports. "It's like baseball meets wrestling - big time action, all the glitz and glamour and showtime."

WWE is all about the extreme, and Superstars taking big risks to reap the biggest reward: Championship gold. Now, with Bigs 2, players can be extreme, hitting home runs and shattering billboards in backdrops such as Las Vegas and New York's Times Square during the 1930s and '40s.

But perhaps one of the most innovative new features is "Become a Legend" mode, where gamers start off as a player who suffers a major injury. Subsequently, the player loses his major league roster spot, and must fight his way back, going through the Mexican semi-pro league and overcoming other challenges throughout the journey. Ultimately, the player could end up with a chance at the Hall of Fame -- and the opportunity to take on other legends to become the best ever.

"I'm laying the gauntlet down for the WWE Universe now," Snyder explained. "I'm challenging the WWE fans to go online and try the demo - because I'm sure The Bigs 2 will bodyslam any baseball game you've played before."

The Bigs 2 is available July 7 on Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2 and 3 and PSP consoles. To read more about The Bigs 2, visit the official Web site here. To check out all the videos displaying The Bigs 2 action, click here.

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