The world's greatest desert race turns digital

The world's greatest desert race turns digital

The digital version of one of the world's most brutal off-road rally races is pulling up to video game consoles this week.

Activision's Score International Baja 1000 recreates the annual dash through the scorching desert of Mexico's Baja Peninsula. Just like the real race, the game features 90 vehicles across six official SCORE classes, including Trophy Trucks, ATVs and dirt bikes.

Inspired by real Baja locations, each race is a stage, allowing you to progress down the peninsula to the finish line. Drivers have to learn quickly to be aggressive for position on the course, while preventing damage to their vehicles.

With the desert's unforgiving terrain or sand, mud, asphalt and dirt tossing around your chosen racer, the landscape becomes an unforgiving opponent as well. Dangerous turns, cliffs, riverbeds and boulders are scattered throughout the course and can sneak up on inattentive racers.

Developed by the California-based studio Left Field Productions, Baja 1000 allows racers to choose between five event types in career mode, including time trail and head-to-head qualifiers, single/multi-class circuits, and endurance regional races.

In exhibition mode, you can jump immediately into the action by choosing your favorite vehicle, event, track and event to race. Or up to eight players can race in ranked or unranked events online.

With a collection of some the most insane jumps, spills and crashes ever assembled in a video off-road racer, Score International Baja 1000 provides wheel-to-wheel racing at its finest, with an all-out marathon battle to the checkered flag through unforgiving conditions.

For owners of PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PC, pull that seat belt tight and hang on to the steering wheel. It's going to be an action-packed, bumpy sprint to the finish.

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