@mikethemiz reaches 1 million Twitter followers

@mikethemiz reaches 1 million Twitter followers

The Miz’s resume only continues to get more awesome in 2013, as the former WWE Champion can now boast more than 1 million followers on Twitter!

WWE.com caught up with the star of “The Marine 3: Homefront” to talk about his latest accomplishment.

“When WWE needs someone to do any kind of job whatsoever, they call upon me,” he said.

“Whether it’s doing talk shows, radio shows, being a commentator on WWE Main Event, being a WWE Superstar main-eventer or being a talk show host, they call upon The Miz because they know I’m the most must-see. I will make whatever I do awesome,” he boasted.

“I just made Twitter absolutely awesome and the 1 million Mizfits proved that”!

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