Superstar and Diva Mother’s Day tribute

Superstar and Diva Mother’s Day tribute

Superstar and Diva Mother’s Day tribute

“A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary.” — Dorothy Canfield Fisher

She’s your biggest fan and your harshest critic. She’s there for you when you need it — and even when you don’t. She’s the one who puts up with all your nonsense, she supports you in everything you do and she encourages you to follow your dreams.

If this is starting to sound like a greeting card, well … then it’s probably on the right track.

Of course, we’re talking about Mom, as we take a day to say “thank you” for everything she does. Obviously, giving Mom her due credit requires more than just 24 hours and a bouquet of flowers, so this Mother’s Day, talked with Superstars and Divas about what their moms mean to them.


Though these Superstars and Divas literally travel the world on a weekly basis, as the saying goes — home is where your mom is.

Kofi Kingston

Superstar and Diva Mother’s Day tribute

The high-flying United States Champion has thrilled members of the WWE Universe with his breathtaking aerial assault and “Wildcat” offense. Over the course of his still-young career, Kofi has racked up championship gold in the form of the Intercontinental Title and a memorable run as WWE Tag Team Champion.

A decorated champion, and an overall class act, Kofi says he owes it all to his mom.   

KOFI KINGSTON: My mom means everything to me. She has been such an inspiration in terms of just leading by example. Growing up, I never got into any trouble because I never wanted to upset her — because she did everything in her power for me to have a great childhood.


Even coming from Ghana to the United States, my mom and dad did so much to provide a better life for their kids. It was such a huge sacrifice; leaving your entire family — and we have a huge family — leaving them to come to America and have a better life for their kids. My mom worked her way all the way up; she has a doctorate in anthropology. Imagine doing that while having three kids. It’s just amazing. She provided the best possible example in terms of chasing your dreams. And here I am, doing the same thing.

My mom set a great example, and I love her.            

Darren Young

Superstar and Diva Mother’s Day tribute

One-half of The Prime Time Players, Darren Young has carved out a path for himself in WWE’s competitive Tag Team Division. While he might not have the kindest of words for the likes of his in-ring foes, Darren has nothing but love for his mom.

DARREN YOUNG: My mom means the world to me. She’s always supported me in everything I did, whether it was in high school being involved in extracurricular activities; in college, being class president; or getting in the ring and being a WWE Superstar now — she’s always been there for me. My mom inspires me in so many ways. One, she’s supportive; two, she’s been my rock — she’s just been my foundation. She loves seeing me perform, and do what I love to do — and that’s to be a WWE Superstar, a Prime Time Player.


Superstar and Diva Mother’s Day tribute

As the reigning Divas Champion, Kaitlyn is tough as nails and will never back down from a fight. Capable of drilling an opponent with a ring-rocking Spear that brings to mind shades of WWE Hall of Famer Edge, Kaitlyn is one of the most formidable Divas in WWE history. As you’ll see, however, The Hybrid Diva’s got a big-old soft spot for her mom.

KAITLYN: My mom is pretty much my best friend. We went through some tough times when I was a teenager, but now she is the person I confide in about everything. She’s lived a life that not many   people have [lived]. She was in the Army for eight years, and she traveled all over the world; she’s done and seen so many things.


I know everyone’s like, “my mom’s my hero,” but my mom is the strongest woman ever, and she raised my brother and me by herself. She had nothing, and gave us everything. She taught me that, if you want something, you’re the only person who can do it.

My mom is the most inspiring person to me there is. She means the absolute world to me. She never discouraged me from doing anything, ever, even if it wasn’t the best idea. I am who I am, and I do what I do because my mom literally made me feel like I could do anything I wanted [to do]. Having seen everything she went through, and everything she overcame, and how she raised my brother and me and gave us everything, I just feel like I can do anything. Except weird supernatural stuff — but I’m working on it.

The Bellas

Superstar and Diva Mother’s Day tribute

Since their surprising return to WWE earlier this year, The Bellas have done everything in their power to put an end to The Funkadactyls’ dance party. But even bad girls have kind words for mom, as the beautiful twins attribute their work ethic and business savvy to their mother, a self-made entrepreneur.

BRIE BELLA: My mom is my best friend: She’s my inspiration, and she’s my role model, so she pretty much means everything to me.

NIKKI BELLA: Brie basically took the words out of my mouth. My mom is my best friend, and she has inspired me in so many ways to be an independent woman and to love myself. She’s motivated me.

BRIE BELLA: My mom is a very strong, independent woman. She started a company from scratch and made it into something big. So, for me, she’s a huge business mentor, and she’s taught me that I’m a woman, but I can conquer the world like a man.

NIKKI BELLA: My mom’s inspired me to be an amazing businesswoman, to be strong on my own, to go through life not needing someone. She’s taught me just to be kind to people, and she’s shown me that it’s more important to be beautiful on the inside.


Zack Ryder

Superstar and Diva Mother’s Day tribute

Anyone familiar with his wildly popular YouTube show, “Z! True Long Island Story,” knows that Zack Ryder has a close relationship with his family. And for you cynics out there, don’t think that bond was all for the cameras, either. Ryder’s affection for his mom is genuine, and as you’ll see, even Superstars still rely on their mothers.

ZACK RYDER: I love my mom. She’s always been a big supporter of me following my dreams and following my goal of becoming a WWE Superstar.

Little known fact: My mother still picks me up and takes me to the airport every week, and washes my ring gear — because nobody washes it better than my mom.

This Mother’s Day, Susan G. Komen and WWE have teamed up to “Make Mom Proud” in support of the fight against breast cancer. The campaign calls on supporters to do something meaningful for their moms and the other important women in their lives. You can get all the details here.

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