What's Sheamus been doing while he's injured?

What's Sheamus been doing while he's injured?

Nice to know that Sheamus isn’t necessarily wiling away the hours in boredom while he recuperates. Sidelined with a torn labrum since the summer, The Celtic Warrior recently received a haul of video games from the good people at Xbox to help pass the time. Judging by the exchange between the former World Heavyweight Champion and the video-game giant on Twitter, it seems like the mutual admiration society is alive and well between the two.

Good luck, Sheamus, as you perfect your new trade of future-endeavoring fools in “Madden” and beating up bad guys in “Batman: Arkham Origins” … but not too much luck, fella. The ring needs you  back soon, after all.

Have a good-luck message you want to send? Be sure to tweet it @WWESheamus.

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