Mysterio talks Comic-Con, Raw and the WWE Title

Mysterio talks Comic-Con, Raw and the WWE Title

SAN DIEGO – Among the legions of masked mystery men and women filling the San Diego Convention Center for Comic-Con International 2011 this weekend, there were none more excited to attend the annual pop-culture extravaganza than real-life superhero Rey Mysterio, who despite growing up in the 619, experienced the event for the very first time this year.

“The feel here is incredible,” The Ultimate Underdog told on Thursday, when Comic-Con International opened to the public. “I didn’t really know what to expect, except that it revolved around everything related to comics and new movies that were coming out, but I’m really amazed by the set-up and the work that everybody puts into it. I’m blown away.” (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Mysterio’s enjoyment of the convention came to a momentary halt, however, when former WWE Superstar CM Punk interrupted Mattel and WWE’s joint panel. After Rey, Triple H, WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hit Man” Hart and Mattel designers answered questions from WWE Universe members in attendance, the brash Second City Savior burst into the conference hall – his newly won WWE Championship in hand – to taunt The Game and throw a few verbal jabs in Mysterio’s direction as well. (WATCH | READ MORE)

“Rey-Rey, you want a title shot, you can come to Chicago and get one any time,” the self-exiled Punk said with a smirk, attempting to goad his virtuous longtime rival into yet another confrontation.

Rey Mysterio signs an autograph at Comic-Con International 2011The Master of the 619 ultimately shrugged off Punk’s taunts, heading over to the Mattel booth to sign autographs, mingle with his fans and check out the WWE items on display – including an impressive collection of oversized Rey Mysterio WWE Rumblers designed by artists from Mattel, WWE and even Rey himself. Although Rey was affording himself some time to soak in the atmosphere, Punk's words reiterated what would be at stake just four days later on Raw: the WWE Title.

One night after Punk left WWE with the title at Money in the Bank, Mr. McMahon announced a tournament to determine a new WWE Champion. After overcoming both Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth, Mysterio earned the right to battle The Miz in the final round. While perusing Mattel’s upcoming WWE action figures – including a plastic replica of The Awesome One, complete with the WWE Title – the high-flying Superstar said in no uncertain terms that a second “Era of Awesome ” would not begin on Monday night.

“The fans here at Comic-Con have been telling me, ‘Rey, you’ve got to bring the title home to San Diego,’” Mysterio said. “Right now it’s all about having a good time, but come Monday, I’ve got to be in the ring and ready to go. I’m hoping that with all of the support not just here in San Diego, but all around the world, it’s gonna happen. No doubt, The Master of the 619 is coming home with the WWE Title.”

Can Mysterio thwart the devious Miz and become WWE Champion for the very first time? To find out, tune in to Raw this Monday night, live at 9/8 CT on USA Network.

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