SmackDown and ECW get Twisted

SmackDown and ECW get Twisted

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. -- Before Friday Night SmackDown and ECW on Sci Fi rocked Nassau Coliseum this past week, Dee Snider and Jay Jay French, members of the rock band Twisted Sister, roamed the arena hallways looking to catch up with the WWE Superstars.

"I make it a point to watch WrestleMania every year," said French, one of the band's guitarists. "For me to see guys like Undertaker and Batista … I'm just enamored. I just want to see all the Superstars, man."

When CM Punk caught wind that Snider and French were in the building, he grabbed his ECW Title and went on the hunt for a photo-op.

"Of course I want my picture with two members of Twisted Sister," a smiling Punk told as the camera's flashbulbs popped. 

After snapping a few pictures together, Snider and Punk talked about Twisted Sisters' new DVD, A Twisted Christmas Live, which is in stores now.

"We put out a Christmas album last year and expected it to be the nail in Twisted Sisters' coffin," Snider joked to Punk. "But it was a huge hit. So this year we created a DVD as a companion piece to last year's CD."

The DVD was released in mid-October, and has received stellar customer reviews. That doesn't surprise French; he said he and Snider understand that their fans hold high expectations from the band.

"We take what we do very seriously, just like the Superstars of WWE," said French.

Snider added, "Some of our peers walk the walk, but for us, it's all about the show. I also think that's the WWE ethic."

Twisted Sister will be performing in New York and Los Angeles in December to support A Twisted Christmas Live. Check out the band's official Web site for date and venue information. 

Check out photos from Twisted Sister's visit to SmackDown and ECW.

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