A touchdown for Candice

A touchdown for Candice

CINCINNATI - Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson, notorious for his celebration antics, might put a post-score party to good use, thanks to WWE Diva Candice Michelle.

"It's really cool," Candice said, "If Johnson scores and celebrates with my Go Daddy dance, Go Daddy will donate $50,000 to charity."

Candice's Go Daddy dance became famous when everybody saw her Super Bowl commercial. If Johnson follows through with the celebration tonight when the Cincinnati Bengals take on the New England Patriots, Go Daddy will donate $50,000 to Feed the Children.

Feed the Children is a non-profit organization that provides food, medicine, clothing and other essentials to children and families worldwide, and Johnson has supported the charity over the years. Bob Parsons, chief executive officer for Go Daddy, sees Johnson as an "exceptional" representative of the company.

"He's fun, he's fast and he's at the top of his game," said Parsons.

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