ECW Superstars challenge fans in 'SmackDown vs. Raw 2008'

ECW Superstars challenge fans in 'SmackDown vs. Raw 2008'

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Two-time THQ Superstar Challenge Champion Elijah Burke, and ECW Superstars Kofi Kingston and Colin Delaney showed off their gaming skills against Colorado Springs' local radio station 96.1 The Beat contest winners Charles Sintas, 25, and Veronica Valdez, 23, before ECW last Tuesday. 

"It's pretty exciting. When I heard that I won the opportunity to meet WWE Superstars I fell to the floor screaming out of excitement," said Sintas, who brought his three sons to the meet and greet. "My boys love it. Ever since hearing about me winning they've been smiling ear-to-ear."

To get the chance to face off against the ECW Superstars, listeners of Colorado Springs' top hip-hop and R&B station had to be caller No. 9 and name the top five songs played during the 7 p.m. countdown show. Winners received tickets to ECW live in Colorado Springs and qualified to win an Xbox 360, the 2008 SmackDown vs. Raw video game and qualified to play the best-selling game against ECW Superstars.

"These guys aren't as hot as they think they are," Valdez sarcastically proclaimed. "I don't want to give them big heads. In all honesty, you have to give them their credit. It was an awesome experience. Also, it was an opportunity for my grandmother, who's a huge WWE fan, to meet some of the Superstars."

Burke, the two-time winner of the THQ Superstar Challenge during WrestleMania weekend — a tournament pitting Superstars against each other to find out who is the true champion of the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw video game — sparred with Kofi and Colin throughout 96.1 The Beat's gaming contest.
"Usually I'm scouting the competition, but in this case, I was watching Colin Delaney getting bested by an 8-year-old and Kofi Kingston struggling to defeat a 4-year-old — as if beating the kid, which he did, would send some sort of message to the Superstar that defeated him in the finals of the THQ Superstar Challenge, YOUR Guiding Light, Elijah Burke," he recalled. "The only message sent was that Colin is a true loser in and outside of the ring and Kofi will go to any length to win even if it means to crush a 4-year -old's hopes! Just for the record, I would have taken the fall! The Black Pope has spoken!"

The self-proclaimed "Black Pope" was candid when speaking about 96.1 The Beat contest winners, Sintas and Valdez, as potential challengers to his THQ Superstar crown.

"The competition was entertaining at best. A complete joke! Would they fare well in the THQ Superstar Challenge? About as well as Colin Delaney has fared in ECW. It really doesn't matter, because in the end they will all fall victim to the Elijah Express," Elijah arrogantly predicted.

Kofi Kingston, the WrestleMania XXIV THQ Challenge runner-up, was unfazed by Elijah's antics.

"Elijah always runs his mouth. That's just the kind of person he is. He wants to be all in the spotlight as far as the glory. He'll do anything to try to see me lose, but I came out on top, regardless. Next year, I think I'm going to take that THQ Challenge title from him," he said with a big grin. "He can try to keep me down, but Kofi Kingston will always stay up." 

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