Rallying in Minnesota

Rallying in Minnesota

As I travel the country encouraging youngsters to rise up and take action through Smackdown Your Vote!, this week's adventure took me to Minnesota. The state is home of several great wrestling superstars, both past and present, some interesting political candidates and, of course, home of "The RhymeSayers."
This week's SmackDown Your Vote! rally took place at a St. Paul magnet school called Avalon.
Now a magnet school does not attract students with braces. … Hahaha, I am so funny. It is designed for students who are too smart or alternative for regular schools. I knew this would be fun.
I spoke to an assembly of roughly 80 students, not one dressed conventionally or wearing sensible shoes or haircuts, for that matter, and suffice to say, the questions ranged from gay marriage to my political stance to if I have a girlfriend. Yes, ladies love the Striker (and apparently the men do, too).
The best thing about these discussions is that I prompt youngsters to go out and find things out for themselves, as opposed to being brainwashed by CNN, their parents and the liberal media.
There is so much REAL information out there, and if you just sit back and let Hillary TELL you she's the best one for the job without actually making her prove it by educating yourself, then you are no better than her or anyone else who annoys you with pedantic rhetoric!
I truly believe that one of the students I have spoken to in the last three years will go on to greatness, and when they are asked what influenced them, they will say, "Matt Striker… My teacher."

Finally, don't forget to take a look at the photos from the SmackDown Your Vote! rally at the Avalon School. In one picture you'll see Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie and I. Secretary Ritchie pulled me aside to tell me that I have a great future in politics, and he was very impressed with my ability to reach these children.

In another photo, you'll see me sitting with one of the children. This young man asked me why I chose wrestling and how come I came to his school. I sat on the stage with him and asked the entire group to get closer. I told them that no matter where I go and what I do, I am a teacher and being a WWE Superstar has given me the platform, and moreover the responsibility, to influence young people. A lot of people are not aware of what strides WWE takes when it comes to civic awareness. I volunteer my time to do this. If I can make ONE child think like I do, then the world is better off because we all know people cannot think for themselves! I then lambasted the young man with the blue hair, and made him sit in the back of the room! Silly kids with their self-expression... Sheesh!

Check out photos from the event.

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