Striker lands on 'Planet Hulk'

Striker lands on 'Planet Hulk'

If you ask WWE Superstar Matt Striker, Planet Hulk borders along the edge of the WWE Universe.

Striker was on hand in New York City to moderate a panel discussion featuring Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, Planet Hulk comic book writer Greg Pak and President of Marvel Animation Eric Rollman. The panel followed a bicoastal screening event for Marvel Animation and Lionsgate Home Entertainment's upcoming animated feature release Planet Hulk.

Striker, a longtime comic book and passionate Marvel fan, was excited to be a part of the event. Like many true fans, he finds the deeper meaning in characters like The Hulk.

"Most people know an ignorant, oaf-like Hulk. ‘Hulk smash'" Striker reverently groaned. "I found an emotionally intelligent Hulk and I feel that human element is so alluring."

Finding common ground between the characters of Marvel Comics like The Hulk and WWE Superstars, the Friday Night SmackDown commentator added, "WWE, likewise, has so many Superstars with deep emotional layers and depth. That is what makes WWE so interesting. The emotional investment in your favorite Superstar, or your emotional disdain for your least favorite, is what makes WWE so unique and captivating."

Planet Hulk is the highly anticipated animated feature scheduled for DVD and Blu-Ray Disc release on Feb. 2, 2010, that follows the Incredible Hulk as he's sent into exile on a strange alien world after being banished from Earth.

Striker was the perfect fit to moderate the panel as his enthusiasm for the feature opened a wide ranging question and answer session amongst the panel guests and the audience.

"I had a great time with Marvel and Planet Hulk," he said, "and look forward to an emotional roller coaster of SmackDown, the Royal Rumble and WWE even more in light of this great experience!"

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