WWE and mun2 announce 'Ultimate Quinceañera' contest winner

WWE and mun2 announce 'Ultimate Quinceañera' contest winner

WWE and mun2 announce Starr, of Van Nuys, Calif., as the winner of the "Ultimate Quinceañera" sweepstakes. The sweepstakes, which ran throughout January on the mun2 Web site, garnered nearly 10,000 unique entries and was open to female fans between the ages of 15 and 21.The sweepstakes, promising the winner the "Ultimate Raw-themed Quinceañera," was co-sponsored by WWE and mun2.

Starr, whose parents are from Guatemala and El Salvador, attends Chatsworth High School. After seeing the "Ultimate Quinceañera" spot featuring Raw Diva Melina, Starr said she related to the young girl in the promo and was inspired to enter. Starr's mother, Sulma, said that when her daughter first viewed the spot, she said, "Look Mom, that's me!" Considered a "bright hope" by her parents, Starr volunteers every Wednesday to feed the homeless. In the excitement of winning the sweepstakes, Starr explained that she had been planning her quince for more than five years and that winning would help her "have the WWE Raw Starr party" she's always dreamed of. mun2 cameras stopped by Starr's home to surprise her and give her the big news.

"Everything just happened so fast," said Sulma. "By the time she caught her breath, she was turning colors on us. She had convinced herself she had lost, so by the time she saw Yasmin and all the mun2 cameras, she was in shock. It's been so emotional. It's breathtaking to think she'll be able to come out in her dress and express herself, to stand up and say, ‘I'm now a young lady.' She will now have the liberty to be able to paint her nails, wear make up and do all the other things you look forward to in high school. She's really excited to see what the future holds for her."

"We at mun2 are so thrilled, honored and fortunate to have a part in helping make this dream happen for this special chica," said Lisa Hackett, mun2 VP of Marketing. "We received an amazing response from our audience for the sweepstakes and this unprecedented partnership between mun2 and WWE is the first of many to come."

A quinceañera is similar to a Sweet 16 Party, and is a tradition in Hispanic families, who formally introduce their young ladies into society with a gala celebration, complete with a gown, cake and dancing. WWE and mun2 will honor the winner of the "Ultimate Quinceañera" Sweepstakes with an intimate celebration for 50 of her closest friends on March 8 in the Los Angeles area. mun2 and WWE will pull out all the stops for this quince celebration, complete with limousine, entertainment and a special appearance by Raw Superstars Carlito and Melina. mun2 on-air hosts Yasmin Deliz and Frankie Needles will play co-hosts and DJ as mun2 cameras will be on-hand to document the fabulous party -- covering everything from the grand entrance to the baile sorpresa -- and air the highlights on on mun2's "The Shuffle" on March 20 at 5 p.m. and March 22 at 6 p.m.

For clips of Starr's big surprise visit from mun2, check out Holamun2.com/raw. Check out photos of contest winner, Starr.

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