'¡Quiero Vivir!' on sale today

'¡Quiero Vivir!' on sale today

Lilian Garcia's big day is finally here. Today her album ¡Quiero Vivir! hits store shelves, and the Diva couldn't be more thrilled.

"This is what my life's dream has been all about -- releasing this record, and going out and performing. This is who I am," Lilian said.

The Raw ring announcer recalled the day her debut single, "Shout," hit the Billboard charts in 2002.

"When my single came out years ago, and it was just a single, I remember the very first week it charted No. 69, and I was screaming as I grabbed Billboard, running down the streets of New York, holding it up and screaming, ‘I made Billboard! I made Billboard!' I'm dreaming for that moment again," Lilian explained.

"I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. What I want to do is have a great opening week or opening month, as far as CD sales, that I can chart on Billboard. That would be so amazing!"

¡Quiero Vivir! features 12 tracks, including two duets with Latin recording sensation, Jon Secada. She explained that even our non-Spanish speaking fans will enjoy her full-length debut.

"I wrote and co-wrote 11 of the songs. It's dear to my heart. I hope everybody enjoys this as much as I enjoyed putting this together," she said. "Even if you don't speak Spanish, you can still enjoy it. I'm going to challenge people out there to expand their horizons and give it a shot and listen to it. See how you feel. Sometimes the music alone will move you."

The Diva explained that the record is about experiences, and everyone can relate to the ups and downs of life.

"This record is about joy and moving on. ‘¡Quiero Vivir!' -- the very first song -- is about leaving your past's baggage behind and moving forward, full-steam and living life," she smiled. ‘¡Quiero Vivir!' means ‘I want to live.' I wrote about that, and I wrote about times that I was completely dumped," she laughed.

Lilian said our fans will see a whole new side of her on ¡Quiero Vivir!, and she's anxious to hear our fans' reactions. Lilian wanted to invite all who live in the New York City area to her record release party Thursday at the Knitting Factory. (Click here for tickets.)

"Our fans see me singing the National Anthem and just standing there in the ring. They don't really see me rock out. So it's going to be great," she said. "I'm really excited about people who are in the New York area and get to see me at the CD release party. I think they're going to be surprised because it is going to be a total rock show. I just can't wait!"

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