Punk continues Warped Tour duties

Punk continues Warped Tour duties

CM Punk continued his duties as a behind-the-scenes correspondent for the Fuse network's Warped Wednesday at the 2007 Warped Tour. From hanging with fans to interviewing bands, ECW's Straightedge Superstar was right at home at the music festival's Phoenix stop.

Punk, an admitted Throwdown fan, hung out with the band's dummer, Ben Dussault. They talked about the straightedge, hardcore lifestyle, and Dussault told Punk about Throwdown's upcoming release.

"The new record is coming out Aug. 7. It's called Venom & Tears. It's the best record we've ever written. We're a solid band, finally. Throwdown has gone through so many member changes, and finally we've solidified four guys that play heavy music and I wanted to do what they wanted to do," Dussault explained.

"It's very true to what we believe in, what we believe to be heavy music, all the elements from the past to even now, to the present, bands that influenced us now and before. We try to incorporate everything we can because were paying homage to the bands that put us here, in our place now. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for any of the other bands. We do it the best we can," the drummer said.

"And you guys do it very, very well. It's CM Punk from WWE, Ben from Throwdown. Representing straightedge the only way we know how -- Warped Tour 2007 here in Phoenix!" Punk said.

The ECW Superstar also hung out with Ryan Richards, Funeral for a Friend's drummer and WWE fan.

"Look who I found -- it's Ryan from Funeral for a Friend, and obviously he's a wrestling fan, sporting the Bret ‘The Hit Man' Hart T-shirt. I got to give him props," Punk smiled.

"Now, as a band in Warped Tour, one of the great things about it is that you can play at any different time you want. Everyday is a different time. You're not playing the same set at the same time, so if you get to come to Warped Tour maybe more than just once, you get to see a completely different show. … Do you find that a better concert experience?" Punk asked Richards.

"I think that's better. If the headlining band is on last every day, then kids maybe have a tendency to just come later in the day," Richards said. "Kids are here all day, every day at the shows. It's good for bands, every band, not just the headliner."

Finally, Punk also shared a few of his favorite Warped Tour memories with Fuse.

"What are the craziest things I've seen at Warped Tour? I remember one year I got backstage, and I think the Misfits were playing and I remember standing there and looking to my right and seeing Jerry Only -- this guy who was a hero of mine when I was a kid and he's lifting weights before he goes out on stage," Punk explained. "It was just a really, really odd moment for me. There's the guy right there I grew up listening to and he's lifting weights right in front of me and he's about to go out on stage and tear it up."

Punk smiled as he remembered an even wackier story.

"I saw Sugar Ray in Chicago get hit by lightning. That was fun. I wish I could see that again!" he laughed.

Check out Warped Wednesday on the Fuse network, every Wednesday from 2 to 6 p.m., and don't forget to watch the lightning-like electricity of CM Punk every Tuesday night at 10 ET on ECW on SciFi.

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