The King's crowning comic achievement

The King's crowning comic achievement

Jerry "The King" Lawler has certainly hit the canvas plenty of times in his much lauded career, but now the WWE Hall of Famer's canvas work has hit the comic book industry.

Debuting earlier this month, Lawler's original art gleams on store shelves as the hand-painted cover for the premiere issue of Visionary Comics' appropriately titled series, Headlocked. See the full comic cover...

The legendary Monday Night Raw commentator has been known for displaying his illustrations, from cartoon presentations to skilled portraiture. Never before has Lawler seen his carefully traced brush strokes in print on the cover of a comic book.

"It's very similar to a lot of the things that I normally do," the WWE Hall of Famer explained. "A lot of my artwork is comic book hero and super hero themed, and that's what [Headlocked] is."

A tale devised by writer/creator Mike Kingston (no relation, of course, to King's fellow Raw Superstar, Kofi), Headlocked follows an aspiring competitor looking to literally learn the ropes of the squared circle and earn his own ring legacy.

Though his very first match was more than 30 years ago, Lawler feels he can certainly relate to the tenacious main protagonist of the story, but in a few different ways.

"It's like a new feel," he said. "It's almost like I feel like I'm having my first wrestling match all over again because it's the first time that I've ever done a cover for a comic book that is actually in print."

Want to hold Lawler's carefully traced brush strokes, the latest jewel in the crown of the WWE Hall of Famer? Head to your local comic store or visit for more details.

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