Lashley makes his 'Maxim' debut

Lashley makes his 'Maxim' debut

Want to learn how to build muscle and strength? There's no one better to ask than Bobby Lashley. The Raw Superstar is featured in Maxim magazine's Expert Fitness column in the August issue, which is on sale now. was in New York City earlier this year with Lashley as he worked out for Maxim and offered tips on how to bulk up.

"I'm going to give away a couple of my secrets to my successes with my body and build," Lashley said.

Lashley completed a series of five exercises, some with weight plates; barbells and a Swiss ball; and even a makeshift pull up bar, crafted out of sturdy photography lighting equipment. Naturally, Lashley was fearless working out on the photo equipment, as the Maxim editor and photographer looked on in amazement.

"We did have to rig the bar a little bit to get that exercise in; however, my back is my strong point when I workout, so a pull up is pretty easy for me," Lashley said casually. "I do a lot of core work, so I work my abs a lot, so that was easier for me. For the average person it's probably going to be more difficult to do."

Maxim Associate Editor Jeff Foss said picking Lashley for the Expert Fitness column was obviously a great choice.

"I know a lot of Maxim readers are really into WWE. Lashley is a recognizable face and an up-and-coming wrestler. It's a perfect match," Foss said. "I'm just really impressed with WWE and Lashley. The shoot went so smoothly. He was great. He was the model athlete."

There was no doubt in Lashley's mind that he was the right person to share his knowledge in Maxim.

"I was excited Maxim wanted me to be in Expert Fitness. We look to Maxim as a source of entertainment for the hours we spend on the plane," Lashley said. "And if you look at WWE, I don't think anyone fits that better than me."

Lashley's confidence is backed by certifications in every aspect of fitness -- personal training, nutrition, strength training and group exercise. The WWE Superstar has aspirations to help others workout.

"I'd like to someday possibly come out with a workout video or even a manual just to teach people the things I know," he said. "Working out is simple, if you know what to do."

To see three of Lashley's exercises -- the Forward Plate Raise to Scaption, the Swiss Ball Alternating Dumbbell Press and the Hanging Leg Raise to Pull-Up -- our fans should check out the August issue of Maxim. As a exclusive, Lashley did offer some words of workout wisdom for his fans.

"Everyone has to start somewhere. I think the problem people get into is they want to go into the gym and look at other people's workouts or they want to lift what other people are lifting. I started out really small," Lashley said. "I actually did a lot of research and I learned all about working out. So take gradual steps."

"Even now, to this day, a lot people in the gym want to see me throw up 500 and 600 pounds on the bench," he continued.  "So when I go into the gym at first, yeah, I'll throw up a lot of weight just for my fans and just for the people watching. After that, I get into my work and I do the real stuff with lighter weight, more reps, better concentration."

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