The Great Khali wows India, beyond the ring

The Great Khali wows India, beyond the ring

Check out new photos from Khali's Indian homecoming.

NEW DELHI, India -- The Great Khali's live, on stage appearance enthralled our fans in New Delhi at the NSIC Exhibition Ground. The "monarch of the ring" in India could not have left the city without leaving his ardent fans shouting for more.

The two-city tour (he's also visiting Mumbai) is Khali's first homecoming trip since he joined WWE. The Great Khali frenzy has been building with media coverage around the country, reporting about the Superstar's life, struggle, career and India tour.

"Performing in India is very close to my heart and it is very humbling to see that so many people have so much love to offer me. The warmth that my country has shown me can't be matched. I would like to thank Ten Sports for facilitating this tour and for giving me the opportunity to meet all my fans back home," said Khali.

The 7-foot-3-inch goliath made a dramatic entry to his signature background score and set the stage ablaze, flashing his muscles along with his familiar bellows. The crowd also had the chance to interact with Khali up close and personal.

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