Mr. Kennedy beats bullying

Mr. Kennedy beats bullying

Mr. Kennedy has been named a new super CyberMentor ambassador for Beatbullying, a non-profit organization and the United Kingdom's leading bullying prevention charity. CyberMentors is a pioneering social networking site that aims to address bullying, including cyber bullying, which along with mobile phone bullying, is a growing issue among youth in the United Kingdom.

During the SmackDown Superstar's promotional tour of the United Kingdom this week, he will participate in a live, online chat with Beatbullying.

Kennedy's role as a CyberMentor also fits with WWE's "Get R.E.A.L." program: Respect one another and yourself, get an Education, don't be afraid to Achieve, and be a Leader by pursuing your dreams and not falling prey to peer pressure.

To learn more about Kennedy's appointment as a CyberMentor, visit To learn more about Beatbullying, visit

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