J.R. to help choose 2007 Ted Hendricks Award winner

J.R. to help choose 2007 Ted Hendricks Award winner

Our fans know Jim Ross is a die-hard college football fan. Now, the Raw announcer is being honored in the world of college sports, as he's been chosen to be a part of the 2007 Ted Hendricks Award selection committee.

"The Ted Hendricks Award is given to the best defensive end in college football. It's like the Davey O'Brien Award for the quarterbacks, the Doak Walker Award for the running backs, the Butkus Award which goes to linebackers," J.R. told WWE.com

According to Ted Hendricks' official Web site, "The award is named in honor of the University of Miami three-time Collegiate All-American and NFL Hall of Famer Ted Hendricks. … On-field performance, leadership abilities and contributions to school and community are some of the criteria used to determine the award winner. The candidates may represent any class (freshman through senior) as well as any recognized four-year NCAA member school (Division I through Division III). Leading college coaches, former players and coaches, media members and pro football personnel professionals vote in the selection process."

J.R., the only WWE Hall of Famer on the committee, said it's a great responsibility and honor to be part of the Ted Hendricks Award committee.

"There have been some really good defensive ends who have been given the award in the last three years or so. I take it very seriously and do a lot of studying, and they send us a lot of information to review," J.R. said.

While J.R. is extremely busy with his Raw announcing duties, he always finds time to watch college football, especially now that he's helping choose the 2007 Ted Hendricks Award winner.

"That's the great thing about having cable or satellite, you can watch WWE pay-per-views, but you can also watch a litany of college football games if you choose, which is great for the DVRs and the TiVos of the world. So I stay up on it pretty well," J.R. said.

The final votes will be tallied in late-November/early-December. The winner of the Ted Hendricks Award will be announced Dec. 5. Previous Ted Hendricks Award winners include Elvis Dumerville, University of Louisville (2005); David Pollack, University of Georgia (2003 and 2004); and Terrell Suggs, Arizona State University (2002). All were first round draft picks in the NFL.

"In the next couple of weeks it'll get down to the nitty-gritty," J.R. said. "I've seen some really good defensive ends this year. They jury's still out."

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