Superstars celebrate former Giant's 'A Journey for 9/11'

Superstars celebrate former Giant's 'A Journey for 9/11'

This past weekend, WWE Superstars Layla and Chuck Palumbo greeted former New York Giants defensive end George Martin as he completed "a Journey for 9/11."

Martin's gallant walk began Sept. 16 in New York City and ended across the country in San Diego. His goal was to raise awareness and money for the first response rescue workers experiencing health issues related to their heroic efforts at the site of the World Trade Center in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Martin raised millions of dollars through the event and encouraged several institutions to contribute additional health care services. Among the many he inspired along the way were Palumbo and Layla; with WWE serving as one of the sponsors of this amazing trek, the two Superstars were on hand to meet Martin at the finish line.

"It took [Martin] 167 walking days, an average of 23 miles a day," explained a flabbergasted Palumbo. "He wore out 23 pairs of tennis shoes, and walked in the blazing heat, freezing cold and in 50 m.p.h. winds."

"I really don't feel we know what's going on," Layla added, referring to the health problems facing the first responders of Sept. 11. "These people are sick, and there isn't nearly enough being publicized about it."

The revved-up Superstar was in complete agreement with the Diva. "There are people -- doctors, EMTs, firemen, iron workers -- who risked their lives to help save others, and are dying or sick from life-threatening diseases, and nobody's helping them."

"I have so much admiration for that man," Layla said about the former Giant. "He didn't have to do what he did. But, he stood up and said, ‘Here is a problem I see. I am going to stand up and do something about it.' And this was just one man. It was a great learning experience, and it helped me realize that I need to get the word out about this as well."

Palumbo showed a great deal of pride when talking about WWE's involvement in "a Journey for 9/11". "[Mr. McMahon] is big on this charity. That's one thing about WWE, they always seem to help out when people are in need."

"They have a real respect for people who put their lives on the line," Layla also said of WWE. "Hopefully, with WWE involved, we can get people to pay more attention."

Mirroring the heroic efforts of the first responders themselves, Martin's monumental walk serves as a testament of what people can do if they decide to just get up and give it a try. Hopefully, others will take up the call and give these true heroes the help they deserve.

Check out photos from the finish line.

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