Chris Jericho leads viewers to their 'Downfall'

Chris Jericho leads viewers to their 'Downfall'

WWE Universe, be sure to tune in to ABC-TV tonight at 9/8 CT as WWE Superstar Chris Jericho hosts Downfall.

A unique, high-stakes and adrenaline-pumping game show, Downfall puts contestants on top of a 10-story building to see who has the focus and fearlessness to avoid his/her own "downfall" — literally. Along the way, they'll have the chance to win $1 million and a slew of incredible prizes, such as a pair of jet skis, a grand piano, a trip to Paris or a brand new car. Jericho asks players questions and tempts them with various options throughout the game.

Visit the Hollywood Reporter and for more on Jericho's Downfall hosting duties. Visit ABC's Downfall page.

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