JBL and wife featured in 'Fortune' magazine

JBL and wife featured in 'Fortune' magazine

John Bradshaw Layfield, CEO of Layfield Energy, and his wife, Oppenheimer & Co. financial analyst Meredith Whitney, are featured in the cover story of Fortune magazine's latest issue, available now. In the exclusive interview, "The Woman Who Called Wall Street's Meltdown And What She Sees Next...," Fortune takes an in-depth look into Whitney's rise on Wall Street, her future predictions on the stock market and an intimate glimpse into the lives of one of New York City's most powerful couples. (Watch the video)

Last October, Whitney's popularity soared when she predicted that Citigroup would be forced to cut its dividend. Today, she's one of the most sought-after financial analysts in the world. Forbes listed her as one of the best investors on their list of "The Best Analysts: Stock Pickers" and she was named one of the New York Post's "50 Most Powerful Women in New York City."

JBL, a self-made millionaire and founder of the popular and best-selling Mamajuana Extreme and 418 energy drinks, is proud of his wife's success, but isn't surprised by what she's been able to achieve while being married to him.

"It's great that my wife is featured in Fortune magazine. She's one of the 50 most powerful women in New York City. As long as she can stay in that top 50 category, she will stay the current Mrs. Layfield," JBL jokingly told WWE.com.

"I think we are the hottest power couple in New York City. She's been the hottest analyst on Wall Street for several years now, and she's married to JBL. That's the formula that you can't not succeed with," the Raw Superstar said.

Though her stock picks and analysis may have made her a household name in the business world, Whitney realizes the magnitude of being featured in an esteemed magazine such as Fortune.

"It's overwhelming. There's no better business publication in the world than Fortune. It has brand in business that's unparalleled. They put the single-best people on their magazines, and they pick the single-best writers for their stories," said Whitney. "It's the greatest honor. It's amazing. The hundreds of people who have preceded me have been people I admire and respect."

The Brown University alumna has paid her dues working in Wall Street's cutthroat environment for years. Whitney gave simple reasons on what made her a success, and offered advice for others who strive to follow in her footsteps.

"Work ethic was the key to my success, and I love what I'm doing — so it doesn't feel like work at all," Whitney explained. "Find something you love doing. It's OK to change jobs a bunch of different times. If you're not good at what it is you're doing, do something else, because you're going to find something that you are great at. Find an area that hard work will pay off. Lastly, set realistic goals, achieve them and keep recalibrating your goals."

Read Fortune's "The Woman Who Called Wall Street's Meltdown and What She Sees Next..."

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