Good service / Bad service: It's about the money

Good service / Bad service: It's about the money

It was recently reported that, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama left an $18 tip for a $2 bar tab while on the campaign trail. Such startling news prompted to ask a handful of Superstars how well they tip while on the road.

Many Superstars we talked to felt that over-tipping is automatic. SmackDown color commentator Mick Foley, for instance, makes rewarding his server the exception to a very well known rule. "Despite my reputation for extreme thriftiness," he said, "I am somewhere between a 20 and 25 percent man." Way to go, Mick!

Every time Edge reaches into his pocket after a meal, he takes a moment to remember where he came from. "My mom was a waitress growing up …. I may be the Rated-R Superstar and some people may think I'm a condescending guy, but I do tip well."

So does Raw Diva Layla, whose philosophy behind her minimum-20 percent gratuity comes down to karma. "Money comes and goes," she explained. "If you keep it going, spread it in the world, it comes back."

For John Cena, however, how much he leaves down on the table all comes down to one important aspect. "It completely depends on the service," he told "I mean, it's kind of cool that tipping even exists because people have the opportunity to go out of their way to make your experience either bad or good. And I'm one of those dudes that if the service is blatantly bad, I will not leave a tip. But if the service is good, I will be one of the most generous tippers there is."

WWE Tag Team Champion John Morrison shares a similar viewpoint, proving that he is as Extreme in his tipping practices as he is in the ring. "I am a huge tipper. Generally, I don't even look at my check." However, as he thought more about it, the Shaman of Sexy followed up with a comment worthy of "The Dirt Sheet."

"If a waiter or server does something to upset me, I'm not afraid to leave nothing." Ouch!

There was one Superstar who expressed a true indifference to the whole process. "I don't pay my own bills, so I have no idea. Somebody else does that for me," boasted self-made millionaire John "Bradshaw" Layfield. The question itself did affect JBL, though. Referring to Sen. Obama's tip, he shook his head in disgust. "It worries me that a man running for President of the United States of America would tip that poorly."

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