Foley celebrates National Guard ChalleNGe cadets

Foley celebrates National Guard ChalleNGe cadets

WASHINGTON D.C. -- More than 80,000 young men and women have had their lives changed by the National Guard's ChalleNGe program. The most recent example of recently took place for the program's finest cadets, when Mick Foley attended an luncheon in their honor.

The annual luncheon, held Feb. 27 at the Russell Senate Office Building in the nation's capital, welcomed Foley as its sixth consecutive WWE guest of honor, as well as various members of Congress. Military students from all areas of the country -- including California, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Georgia, South Carolina and Oregon --received congratulations for their high levels of performance throughout the program.

"I'm really struck by how focused these cadets seem," Foley said. "They were challenged by everyday life, and this program has helped them to successfully tackle those challenges."

The luncheon also provided an opportunity for many of our longtime fans in the ChalleNGe program to take photos with the Hardcore Legend, as well as share experiences with him.

"These young men and women now have goals," Foley said. "Most people their age don't have goals like that."

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