Fathead rally a success

Fathead rally a success

DETROIT -- Who will be the next WWE Fathead? WWE Superstars met our fans before a WWE event at the Joe Louis Arena this week, to explain why they think they should be the next Fathead. That evening, several hundred of our fans turned out to meet ECW's Matt Striker and SmackDown's Victoria and Kenny Dykstra.

Fathead is a sports and entertainment brand best known for its life-size wall graphics. It is the official sponsor of Cyber Sunday, Oct. 28, live only on pay-per-view. Our fans can vote on who they think the next WWE Fathead should be -- CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Boogeyman or Rey Mysterio. Vote now!

"I actually think it's awesome they have WWE Fatheads," Victoria said. "Kenny said it the best -- we're the only people who don't have an off-season -- we're athletes 24/7. We're positive, strong people and good role models. It's great we have the Fathead line, but I'm kind of upset there's not a Diva Fathead yet."

Striker said he's not surprised Fathead has chosen to make WWE Superstars come to life on our fans' walls.

"This is something I've already known, and our fans know it, and now it's time for the rest of the world to know it -- WWE is woven into the fabric of pop culture. You ask anybody what the name Triple H or Undertaker means and it's almost as internationally accepted as Mickey Mouse and the McDonald's sign," Striker explained.

"Having WWE be a part of Fathead is just another affirmation for what we stand for. WWE is a global entity," he said. "Having us join up with Fathead is just another exclamation point in the words ‘World Wrestling Entertainment.' "

Check out photos and video from the Fathead rally in Detroit.

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