Every Man Pays a Price: Ted DiBiase writes about "The Million Dollar Man"

Every Man Pays a Price: Ted DiBiase writes about "The Million Dollar Man"

Whenever he stepped in the ring, "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase always insisted that "everybody's got a price." In his new book, The Million Dollar Man, available June 10, DiBiase explains the price he paid during his years in WWE. WWE.com caught up with DiBiase to discuss his latest triumph.

"This book is about Ted DiBiase the wrestler," he explained enthusiastically. "It is about my journey in the this industry, the pitfalls … the good days and the bad days."

But why now? DiBiase already can boast one successful book, outlining his spiritual journey. He has found contentment with his family and as a practicing minister. What reason could he have for picking up the pen once again? Simply to give WWE the respect it deserves. He explained candidly, "A lot of people approach me and take the business like a casual affair, and that it must not be very demanding. People see it as not being in the same league with football and basketball. The truth is, it's every bit as demanding, if not more."

DiBiase hopes that his book will illustrate to those who criticize WWE that it deserves overwhelming respect and admiration. "I wanted people to understand and appreciate the business that I love, for the reasons that it should be appreciated -- the unbelievable amount of work and time that goes into honing your skills to do this and the pace you keep."

More than anything, DiBiase hopes to inspire others with the lessons he has learned and the faith he has reclaimed, not only by looking at his good fortune, but at the adversity he faced over the years. He counsels many people, both as a minister and as a motivational speaker. "I'm a real person," he said. "In spite of my success … I have also succumbed to many of the things out there that have pulled guys down in the past. I had my pitfalls and I struggled. You overcome things by going in the other direction."

DiBiase uses many of the experiences he talks about in The Million Dollar Man to inspire others who may be struggling in their own lives or are trying to achieve their dreams. "Don't let anybody tell you that you can't do something," he said. "You have to be passionate about it. You can be anything you want to be if you're willing to pay the price."

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